Collaboration in one movement.

The Creative Process from John Harney on Vimeo.


Whoa. I think I have a new favourite blog.

This site looks like the place where Magma John wants to go to die.

I used to work at a bookshop called Magma, and almost stayed there rather than move on to grad school, if you’re wondering.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is the shiznit.

Oh yeah. You heard me. I was reading the blog of a friend the other day who didn’t take kindly to the Too Human demo, and it dawned on me that for someone who likes video games, I haven’t really got excited about one in a while. There are two main reasons for this: the last game I played was MGS4, and I am apparently the only person on the earth who thinks it’s really, really boring. I feel the same way about Shakespeare, actually. I ‘get’ the idea behind Metal Gear, just as I ‘get’ how Shakespeare works. I think both are boring. It’s quite fitting as there’s plenty of fanboys out there who seem to think Hideo Kojima is Shakespeare.

Which is pretty funny in itself. The second reason is that I’m broke. I’ve gone past graduate student broke. I am now in the territory of Chris Tucker being cast to play me in the movie of my life.

If Chris Tucker could do an Irish accent. And if I was black.

Incidentally, did you know that New Line gave Chris Tucker $40 million dollars for a two movie deal? He essentially got paid $20 million for Rush Hour 3. He also got a guarantee for 20% against that $20 million for that same film. I just want to reiterate here: I’m talking about Rush Hour 3.

What is going on? Fair play to Chris Tucker, he’s clearly either very intelligent, intelligent enough to surround himself with good negotiators, or intelligent enough to be less out of his mind than New Line. Insane.

Anyway… the title of the blog post. Go and play Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. It’s fantastic. It’s ten dollars. I would actually cite this game as a reason to spend $300 on an Xbox 360. Just get it.

I’m going to the car wash to pay off my ten dollars.

I’m starting to enjoy living in the Cultural Apocalypse

Ok, so this is the least original post ever, as this clip has to be everywhere on the Internet, but wow.

I mean, wow.

The Day After Tomorrow

It’s been a long time, but for no real reason I decided to watch this movie last night. It’s fantastic. The weather is the bad guy. How awesome is that? It doesn’t even try to make sense. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a 15 year old, despite clearly being in his mid-20s. Again.

I know it’s an old movie and this isn’t news, but I really think its awfulness will stand the test of time. I think my favourite thing about the movie is that it somberly points out the folly of rejecting the knowledge humankind has gained from science and then takes incredible liberties to make the plot more interesting.

In fact, for a humanities-riddled luddite like me, it was more interesting to read reviews like this one than actually watch the film.

And Jake Gyllenhaal can outrun a tidal wave in water up to his chest. LL Cool J once outran a great white shark in water up to his chest. They should have a race.

A short little post. I miss my camera.

I miss my camera because I saw a really good band tonight, and I was reduced to taking a picture with my four year old (i.e. ancient, apparently) phone. But I can’t even get that photograph onto my computer because the infrared on my phone and that on my computer don’t jive for some reason.

Maybe it’s just meant for an apple remote?

Incidentally, my affection for the Planet of the Apes movies has been greatly enhanced by a forgiving nature. A nature that continues despite the utter rubbish contained in the sequels, particularly.

The Dark Knight…

… is incredible. Wow. How insightful. It was so good I’m now going to watch Planet of the Apes sequels, just to try and balance out my universe.

Another big week ahead, and I don’t have much plans, other than stealing an idea and reading crazy amounts of books, as usual.

In other John goes to the cinema on his own when Sunday is feeling slow news, the new trailer for Watchmen is crazy awesome. Thank you Zack Snyder.

I would go to a cinema just to see this trailer on the big screen again.

Though, if you watch it on the youtube site and not just here, you’ll see comment bubbles in the video itself at the start. What’s that about? Don’t do this, youtube, for crying out loud. Viddler does it reasonably well, but don’t get carried away.

The most worrying thing for me personally about this trailer is that it makes me think I could stop despising Billy Corgan and go back to liking the Pumpkins again. I think too many 90s singalongs are affecting my brain in a strange way.