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Exhausted. A personal, uninteresting post.

Yup, that just about sums it up. I’ve been trying to keep up with comps, and mostly failing, while working at the research job and using my considerably limited skills with CSS and PHP to modify a wordpress theme slightly for my new site.

Meanwhile, work on my other new site, which is more or less going to replace this one, or rather focus on rants, leaving this one free for talking about video games and grad school, has yet to even get going really. I may just start writing stuff on here and then transfer it all over.

Thank you for coming here and reading this, though. Things will improve!!


Come on blog, you know I WANT to hang out with you!

So, I haven’t written on my blog in way, way too long.  First, I had computer issues, but since then something else has happened.  My blog has become way too jealous, and it’s damaging our relationship.  I guess it’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time with different things recently.  It’s not that I still don’t need to write on my blog, but work is important too.  And though my blog will glare at me accusingly, I still have to come in to work and face this:

And this:

My blog wanted us to have lunch, but I really don’t have the time, and more of the books might get angry.  I fear them more.

At this point, I think my face is turning into a book.

I have to have gotten through two hundred of these by the end of this year.  Why doesn’t my blog understand?  I value the relationship but work is important too.  Le sigh!  Why must it be so hard?

Broken computer update.

It’s still dead.

I still don’t have a computer.

It still sucks.

I feel old.

I’m really sad that my computer is dead and all I have to go on is a Nintendo Wii and the computer at work, because I wanted to post the image that greeted me this morning.

A sink full to the brim with empty beer cans, beer bottles, a bottle that once contained bourbon, and empty bottles for the whiskey sour mix that seemed like a good idea at eight o’clock last night.

It was pretty awesome. We started out watching The Dark Crystal (I just found out they’re making a sequel, what what???), with some whiskey, then more friends came over, followed by more.  At one point we played some Halo.

And it was still awesome.

But it has reminded me that I’m no spring chicken.  My two friends that started the night are younger than me, 21 and 20 in fact.  It was probably foolish of me to expect them to wrap things up early and go home, considering that finishing a bottle of bourbon between three people was my idea.

So… first of all, they have no commitments.  I don’t either, really, but I have to depend on myself to get up early.  Which I did not.

Secondly, if I DID have to get up early, when I was 21 I just did.  Drinking until three in the a.m. and getting up at seven happened.  Now? Completely impossible.

But still. I had fun.  I can consider it early birthday celebrations.  But I miss the days when I could operate pretty well on three hours sleep and a hangover.

A tragedy of pretty ample proportions.

This week’s reason for no posts is a sad one.

My iBook is dead.  Not just that, but this is two iBooks in a row.  I know the Mac world has moved on to Macbooks and so on, but forgive me if I’m a wee bit peeved that Apple don’t seem interested in making a laptop that lasts longer than two years.

What will I do now?  Will I have to go back to……. Windows?  I really hope not.  I’ve been window-shopping PC laptops and remembered some of the things I miss least about the old Compaq.

  • Install disks.  I have an external hard drive, that I hooked up to my iBook, and everything worked.  I threw the install disk away.  Really, install disks?
  • Uninstalling stuff.  It’s nice that on OS X you just throw stuff in the trash and it’s gone, but I wouldn’t be THAT against the Windows way of uninstalling programs except that it doesn’t always work.  And that makes me sad.
  • ‘Security’ updates that slow the crap out of my computer.  Viruses. Spyware.  It’s a mess.
  • Windows just looks crappy.  That simple.  I got excited when ‘Longhorn’ looked like an OS X rip-off waiting to happen. I would have no problem switching back to PC if they succeeded.  But Vista is rubbish.  And slow.  I write and use e-mail.  That’s it.  And Vista is still too slow.
  • DLL files.  God.
  • Internet Explorer

People who don’t have Macs assume the reason people who do own Macs get so zealous about it is that they’re a bit mad, or fashion conscious, or just plain weird.  The reason we love our Macs is because Windows is SO CRAP.  It is so awful.  If Windows was in any way half-decent I would have switched back ages ago.  Now I may have to do that, but not exactly ‘willingly’.

My car has also stopped moving and is in the shop, having been towed there.  I don’t even have the energy to think about it.  What a week.


Top Fives (Sidenote) – Going Crazy

Another Monday passes round and leaves me with little energy or time to write a blog post.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I’m grumpy as well.  I wish Rockstar had kept in mind the fact that people have jobs when they made Grand Theft Auto IV.  I could have finished the main story by now if it wasn’t for work and social obligations.  Sigh.

So, here are the top five things dragging me to the end of my tether on Monday, the 5th of May:

5. Myspace/Facebook/Popfly/Internet not working the way I want it to.

4. I can’t afford an iPhone.

3. I just can’t get enough sleep.

2. Bertie Ahern having the gall to take credit for peace in Northern Ireland.

1. Grading!

And why not blog?

…Japanese is eating my life.

I have played about eight minutes of GTA:IV.  Really.