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Exhausted. A personal, uninteresting post.

Yup, that just about sums it up. I’ve been trying to keep up with comps, and mostly failing, while working at the research job and using my considerably limited skills with CSS and PHP to modify a wordpress theme slightly for my new site.

Meanwhile, work on my other new site, which is more or less going to replace this one, or rather focus on rants, leaving this one free for talking about video games and grad school, has yet to even get going really. I may just start writing stuff on here and then transfer it all over.

Thank you for coming here and reading this, though. Things will improve!!


Something for the weekend

Okay, either Henry Rollins is in GTAIV or somebody (i.e. Jimmy Gestapo) sounds a LOT like Henry Rollins.  

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the fantastic Sarah Posh, here.

I haven’t played any Metal Gear since Metal Gear Solid (I know, I know), so flashbacks are going to help me out once the new game comes out.

1up have produced an excellent piece on video game packaging. It reminds me of being present at an auction of Richard Garriott’s personal stuff with no hope of affording any of it.  

The rest of my weekend is given up to grading, roller derby, and a certain video game.

And why not blog?

…Japanese is eating my life.

I have played about eight minutes of GTA:IV.  Really.

Too tired to do much but steal ideas.

So, I’ve spent most of the day getting a bit of work done, as the work left still to BE done continues to build up.

Still, I have to write something, right? Actually I just wanted to write a short post to announce I’m stealing an idea. I never do this, but you can clip from wordpress blog to wordpress blog thanks to the little bar at the top there (if you’re signed in). The next one today was Shrew’s Daily Shutters. I think I’ll start posting a photo with most blog entries from now on. For no real reason.

But not today! I have to keep working.

I hate my national airline.

Seriously.  Aer Lingus is just rubbish.  I’m sitting here in Cork waiting for a flight that will end up having been delayed at least two hours.  It takes 45 minutes to get to London.  So, my well-planned trip might turn into a complete disaster.  There has been no attempt at a sincere apology and nobody is taking care of us.  I mean, I may as well fly American Airlines! Oh, wait…

I’m too irritated to grade, unless I give the poor twenty people unfair marks I’d only have to change anyway.  So I thought I’d come online and write a meaningless post.

Some points:

  • I’m glad there have been protests against the Olympic torch relay in London, and Seb Coe’s statements that the relay is about Olympic ideals is fairly disgusting. 
  • I’m going to write a post tomorrow about culchies.  They are a fascinating phenomenon.
  • I can’t stand airlines and their consistent abrogation of anything even approaching acceptable customer service (like, really).
  • Flying thousands of miles to go home for the weekend is awesome, but I don’t really recommend it.  Here’s hoping I get the grading itch on the flight to Chicago.  If I make it.

I have to switch terminals in Heathrow and go through British security, which, incidentally, is a Nazi-inspired caricature of the quasi-fictional forces from Children of Men.  I had to change bags this morning to accomodate a box of chocolates because I don’t feel like being verbally abused and conceivably shot. 

I am Irish, you know.  They don’t forget that stuff.

Blogging out of shame

So, when one takes a few days off from writing in a blog for reasons either temporal, emotional, or out of just plain laziness, it’s difficult to get back in the groove. So, today, in a really short entry, I want to put down some words on things that are bothering me right now.

  • Remember when did moderately interesting personality tests and we all swapped information on our newly found idealistic or cynical selves?
  • What kind of a word is Walker to have for a name, really? Madame CJ Walker. George Herbert Walker Bush. It’s just ridiculous.
  • Isn’t it mad that as one door closes another always opens? How do you make the right decision? I mean, when you know what the right decision is but you’re tempted to do the wrong thing? This never happened when I was a teenager. I must have been a decent human being then.
  • Ryan Davis still sports a mean looking moustache/beard combo.
  • Why do I feel ill?

There you go. An insight into my fascinating mind. For the readers’ kind reference, I just had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch and aim to continue grading until the ice caps finally stop teasing us and just melt already.

Come on. Waterworld was awesome.

This would have been a cool post, but…

Well, I’m back to work.

Or should be!! Another day battling my own idleness. The plan is to have the minimum work and a bit of tidying done by the time I head out for St. Paddy’s night. Another low-key year, hopefully. I can’t stand ‘oirish’ vibes, especially this time of year.

A really, really short post as usual because I’m exhausted. I also put together a little movie on SXSW I was hoping to post but iMovie freaked out for some reason.