Made it, just.

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Texas.

So, woke up late, but just in time.  Woke at four thirty, possibly by the last ring of the third or fourth snooze alarm of ONE of the two alarms I set.  Panic sets in, and several calls to cab companies later I have a ride to the airport.

Now that I’m in DFW, I realize I didn’t have time to put some deodorant on before I left the house.  It’s a bit ridiculous worrying about that as I am about to set out on a trip that will take around 32 hours.  I think things will be much worse when I arrive in Singapore.  Maybe I should invest in some roll-on?

Last minute tasks before I board the plane amount to a single, important job:  frantically transfer anything I might even think of wanting to listen to or watch over to the phone.  Hopefully I’ll have somewhere to charge the DS in Tokyo.  That last leg to Singapore is going to be GREAT.

There’s a woman and her daughter sitting near me that are clearly from Mainland China and are probably going to Beijing.  I fight the urge to go over and start chatting in Chinese: opportunities to show off and subsequently by rather harshly humbled are only days away now!


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