The Day After Tomorrow

It’s been a long time, but for no real reason I decided to watch this movie last night. It’s fantastic. The weather is the bad guy. How awesome is that? It doesn’t even try to make sense. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a 15 year old, despite clearly being in his mid-20s. Again.

I know it’s an old movie and this isn’t news, but I really think its awfulness will stand the test of time. I think my favourite thing about the movie is that it somberly points out the folly of rejecting the knowledge humankind has gained from science and then takes incredible liberties to make the plot more interesting.

In fact, for a humanities-riddled luddite like me, it was more interesting to read reviews like this one than actually watch the film.

And Jake Gyllenhaal can outrun a tidal wave in water up to his chest. LL Cool J once outran a great white shark in water up to his chest. They should have a race.


2 responses to “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. i am ALL ABOUT that race. and my money’s on ll cool j.

  2. Mine too! The man is walking proof of the power of arrogance. I mean, supreme self-confidence.

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