The Dark Knight…

… is incredible. Wow. How insightful. It was so good I’m now going to watch Planet of the Apes sequels, just to try and balance out my universe.

Another big week ahead, and I don’t have much plans, other than stealing an idea and reading crazy amounts of books, as usual.

In other John goes to the cinema on his own when Sunday is feeling slow news, the new trailer for Watchmen is crazy awesome. Thank you Zack Snyder.

I would go to a cinema just to see this trailer on the big screen again.

Though, if you watch it on the youtube site and not just here, you’ll see comment bubbles in the video itself at the start. What’s that about? Don’t do this, youtube, for crying out loud. Viddler does it reasonably well, but don’t get carried away.

The most worrying thing for me personally about this trailer is that it makes me think I could stop despising Billy Corgan and go back to liking the Pumpkins again. I think too many 90s singalongs are affecting my brain in a strange way.


One response to “The Dark Knight…

  1. ha ha ha! constant sing-along exposure is finally breaking you down!! soon you’ll love third eye blind as much as i do, muhahaha.

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