It feels nice to feel foreign.

My time in America is regularly punctuated by a sudden realization of the obvious.

I’m in America.

It happens all the time on the motorway, driving past these huge signs for fast food joints and ‘family restaurants’ reaching up into the sky.  It happens whenever I drive past a car mechanic business that chose to use the word ‘lube’ in its title.  It happens when I get in my car and realize that I drive EVERYWHERE now.

This weekend just past was chock full of such moments.  My personal favourite was my unwitting recreation of every horror movie I’ve ever seen involving young people and a map.  It never dawned on me that sitting in my well-lit car in an abandoned petrol station in East Texas with nothing but my mapquest print-out and an innocent look was tempting fate.  Luckily for me I made it out alive.

The following day I traipsed around the only supermarket in said East Texas town with a fellow reveler asking loudly if he thought they had champagne.  He replied in the negative, I got my miniature football helmet from a vending machine and we left.

So not only am I being Americanized, but I’m turning into an obnoxious city person as well.  What fun.


My blog is back!!  I have a computer again!!  Life is good!!


3 responses to “It feels nice to feel foreign.

  1. i really couldn’t believe that you, a foreigner, and bill, a flaming gay man, made it back alive from that grocery store. the next step? sitcom!

  2. East Texas? Whoa, that’s brave dude.

  3. I like being a foreigner too. It gives a certain romance to your existence.

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