I feel old.

I’m really sad that my computer is dead and all I have to go on is a Nintendo Wii and the computer at work, because I wanted to post the image that greeted me this morning.

A sink full to the brim with empty beer cans, beer bottles, a bottle that once contained bourbon, and empty bottles for the whiskey sour mix that seemed like a good idea at eight o’clock last night.

It was pretty awesome. We started out watching The Dark Crystal (I just found out they’re making a sequel, what what???), with some whiskey, then more friends came over, followed by more.  At one point we played some Halo.

And it was still awesome.

But it has reminded me that I’m no spring chicken.  My two friends that started the night are younger than me, 21 and 20 in fact.  It was probably foolish of me to expect them to wrap things up early and go home, considering that finishing a bottle of bourbon between three people was my idea.

So… first of all, they have no commitments.  I don’t either, really, but I have to depend on myself to get up early.  Which I did not.

Secondly, if I DID have to get up early, when I was 21 I just did.  Drinking until three in the a.m. and getting up at seven happened.  Now? Completely impossible.

But still. I had fun.  I can consider it early birthday celebrations.  But I miss the days when I could operate pretty well on three hours sleep and a hangover.


One response to “I feel old.

  1. when i first started reading this entry, i thought, “oh no! was john’s birthday yesterday?! i thought it was next week!”

    cos when you’re old, you do tend to forget things.

    however, i will say that no matter how old you are, whiskey will always be awesome.

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