A tragedy of pretty ample proportions.

This week’s reason for no posts is a sad one.

My iBook is dead.  Not just that, but this is two iBooks in a row.  I know the Mac world has moved on to Macbooks and so on, but forgive me if I’m a wee bit peeved that Apple don’t seem interested in making a laptop that lasts longer than two years.

What will I do now?  Will I have to go back to……. Windows?  I really hope not.  I’ve been window-shopping PC laptops and remembered some of the things I miss least about the old Compaq.

  • Install disks.  I have an external hard drive, that I hooked up to my iBook, and everything worked.  I threw the install disk away.  Really, install disks?
  • Uninstalling stuff.  It’s nice that on OS X you just throw stuff in the trash and it’s gone, but I wouldn’t be THAT against the Windows way of uninstalling programs except that it doesn’t always work.  And that makes me sad.
  • ‘Security’ updates that slow the crap out of my computer.  Viruses. Spyware.  It’s a mess.
  • Windows just looks crappy.  That simple.  I got excited when ‘Longhorn’ looked like an OS X rip-off waiting to happen. I would have no problem switching back to PC if they succeeded.  But Vista is rubbish.  And slow.  I write and use e-mail.  That’s it.  And Vista is still too slow.
  • DLL files.  God.
  • Internet Explorer

People who don’t have Macs assume the reason people who do own Macs get so zealous about it is that they’re a bit mad, or fashion conscious, or just plain weird.  The reason we love our Macs is because Windows is SO CRAP.  It is so awful.  If Windows was in any way half-decent I would have switched back ages ago.  Now I may have to do that, but not exactly ‘willingly’.

My car has also stopped moving and is in the shop, having been towed there.  I don’t even have the energy to think about it.  What a week.



3 responses to “A tragedy of pretty ample proportions.

  1. writingismybane

    Have they fixed the problem in the Macbooks? Can you not replace the mother board?

    Coupla things help make Windows suck less. 1) Use Firefox. Never, ever, use IE. 2) Pirate XP and use it. Vista is poo.

    Last night I was amazed once again at my Mom’s macbook. I installed drivers for a scanner, and was looking in vain for the ‘Control Panel’ of it all, when I just pushed the scanner button. And it worked magically. My Mom was gloating.

  2. i don’t get why people hate vista so much. i mean, i guess i don’t use jefferson (my laptop) for super advanced stuff, but i’ve never had a problem? hmm.

    sorry everything is breaking around you, dude. but cheer up, yr birthday is coming up!!! that makes everything better!

  3. Janice – yup, Macs are amazing. I freaked out for two weeks not knowing how to uninstall something until it was explained to me. I might get another Mac now. The motherboard is irreplaceable according to these dudes; I know it IS replaceable but it is prohibitively expensive.

    Sarah – I don’t know why people hate Vista either but they do seem to hate it. It does seem really slow when I’ve used it. Last night my phone stylus broke. This is getting really ridiculous.

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