Penny Arcade + XBLA = I Heart Adventure Games

I’m not the biggest Penny Arcade fan in the world, though I think those guys are pretty cool; I plan to go to PAX this year and I read the comic now and again.  Ok, it’s not particularly time intensive, but give me a break.

I’m not even five minutes into the ludicrously long-titled adventure/action/RPG Penny Arcade game and I think I’m in love.  A lot of the reviews have talked about how it’s a love-hate thing based almost entirely on how you feel about the comic’s sense of humour.  I disagree.

For some odd reason, the world hates adventure games, unless they’re disguised as uber-violent shooters. What happened to the heyday of King’s Quest and Maniac Mansion?

Sigh.  It’s almost a pity this game feels the need to have RPG trappings at all, but I won’t knock it.  I could finally be coming around to living with episodic content.  Maybe.


One response to “Penny Arcade + XBLA = I Heart Adventure Games

  1. Is that the Xbox Live PAX game thing? I’m learning what all this new-fangled stuff is ^^ My gamer name is Fuyuko83, btw.

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