A reminder of why I love the Wii so much.

And I do love it, despite the fact it’s not the Nintendo Revolution, as we all had hoped. Today I spent 800 ‘Wii points’ on a game I’m not sure I’ll play to the end, seeing as the end is about 40 or so hours of sitting in front of a TV away.

I love you Sega.

Remember when game box art looked like this?

And the game that it contained looked like this?

I’ve played a bit of Phantasy Star Online, offline, laughably, but never got around to playing any of the early Phantasy Star games. I’ll probably play this to the finish although with all the work I have lined up and other, slightly more technically impressive, games on the way, it might take a while.

But I will uncover the truth behind Mother Brain.


2 responses to “A reminder of why I love the Wii so much.

  1. yeah, that contrast is preeeetty amazing. i remember when “myst” came out and it was like WOW, eye-popping. now it probably looks like shite.

  2. I downloaded a copy of wolfinstien 3D a few months ago and it was unplayable. I couldn’t see at all. How did I do it as a 12 year old?

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