Technology rules my life.

Yes, it does.  It has for a long time really. I used to blame my time living in Taiwan for my utterly irrational technojoy, and far too many dollars, cents, and other units of currency have been spent on gadgets. 

The last few days, however, I have indulged in guilt-free technojoy!! Software!

Now, I’ve never been up on these things, because they just change too fast.  I’ve always been more of the slightly-too-expensive-gadgets-that-require-no-expertise kind of guy.  You know…. Essentially reliving the dreams I had as a boy watching Back to the Future Part II.

So basically, none of these things are news to anyone.  ANYONE.

But first of all, my new favourite thing in the universe is: Vienna!!!

I never used RSS readers because I never did much reading outside three websites but now it turns out that on top of reading blogs I’m sick of checking the Guardian for the twentieth time in a day when I could just wait for it to show up on my reader!! This is sweet!!!

Secondly: Adium!!

The big thing about Adium, apart from the exceptional duck motif, is the fact that I can use my MSN and Gmail accounts SIMULTANEOUSLY.  This is very exciting.  I had been using Mercury but had to launch them in separate tabs.  This is a big deal for me.

And finally: Muxtape!!!

I am probably the last person with an internet connection to hear about this, but what an idea.  It reminds me of the really cool book Mix Tape that Thurston Moore wrote, that I read a lot at work in Manchester but never bought.  Awww.

Finally, Ricky Gervais in Grand Theft Auto IV?  Ok, I am officially excited.



2 responses to “Technology rules my life.

  1. dude, not only is ricky gervais in it, but HOLLA KARL LAGERFELD!!!!

  2. Oh I know, Karl Lagerfeld as A DJ NO LESS!!!!

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