Something for the weekend

This weekend I have to dress up like a pirate, try and be in two places at once, watch some football, write a skit in Japanese, and try not to go insane.

Fun, no?

The first part will be at least. Though I’m a chronically bad costume person. It really is the least I can get away with stuff.

I’m also a bit down about the complete break in understanding between most westerners and most Chinese over the Tibetan issue. If you browse some facebook groups you can easily find comments calling protestors in France “terrorists”. In my favourite example one guy says how he hopes Hitler resurrects to invade France again. This is in a facebook group where people are complaining the pro-Tibet protestors are the ones going over the top.

Basically, and very predictably, many Chinese have had their nationalist sentiment stoked by what they see as unfair attacks by a western world that wants to hold their country back.

It’s alarming that Chinese living outside China choose not to avail of the free press available in the western countries where they study and work, but it’s far more alarming that they associate all of us who want to improve human rights in China and believe the Chinese government should be censured for holding them back with Richard Gere.

Really. Please. I just hope all Chinese will realise that many of us think Richard Gere is lame too. I’m embarrassed by him and his little clique of pro-Tibet activists. Red Corner was crap. Maybe this can be the tie that binds us.


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