The things you learn on wikipedia.

Ok, this is weird. Dave Navarro makes porn movies.

Now, admittedly, it probably should not be a huge surprise. He really looks the part. I remember Flea talking about Navarro’s involvement in One Hot Minute, and how he essentially was a great rock star, with the look and everything, but not really the guitarist the band needed.

Which sums Dave Navarro up. I mean, look at this guy:

He reads Rousseau on the weekends.

The whole thing with Navarro is that he is a walking stereotype. Which is awesome. I mean, I couldn’t take on Dave Navarro’s life if I really tried. I could practice guitar more, but he’s pretty good. I could work out more, but he’s pretty… well, you can see. And I could work on getting a few more marriages/divorces under my belt, but really, I’m not sure I could take it.

So I guess, he’s a bit awful, but he’s entirely necessary in western society. We need people like Dave Navarro for other equally awful but far less prominent people to look up to. Austin is an amazing city with lots of cool places to hang out and things to do, but it wouldn’t exist as what it is without Sixth Street. And Sixth wouldn’t be what it is without frat boys, or those guys that hang out there but never walk into bars, just waiting to pick drunk girls away from the herd.

So why was I shocked he is directing porn now? Well…. it’s porn? Maybe I’ve just led a sheltered life. Why can’t he just get involved in really bad b-movies, like Mario Van Peebles or Mark Hamill? Then I could have people over and we could enjoy watching a bad movie with Dave Navarro involved. I’m not really sure I’m going to try that with his latest offering.


3 responses to “The things you learn on wikipedia.

  1. dude, i cannot believe you didn’t know that dave navarro was doing porn. he’s been making them for ages! and, based on everything you just wrote, he was pretty much destined for this business.

    i think my favorite thing about dave navarro is his willingness to accessorize. there aren’t many guys in the world willing to take it to that level.

  2. I had never heard Dave was in porn, I assumed he had filmed himself having sex with multiple partners at the same time, but not with lights and make up (well at least not when it is done by a professional).

    did my comment of pride in guessing the right buttons push you over the edge to move to wordpress?

  3. Matt, I’m glad I’m not the only one new to the idea!!

    It wasn’t your comment about the buttons but rather the realisation that not many people would have either of your technical nous. Plus wordpress is nicer and easier to use.

    And Sarah, you are completely right about Dave Navarro’s courage in accessorizing.

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