A bunch of stuff over the week.

A lot has happened this week, and I’ve been busy, but I was committed to write something on my blog today!!

So, a bit of everything.

Barack Obama’s extremely commendable refusal to turn his back on a man who has supported him since he was a child really inspired me this week. His pastor has said some fairly mad things, but that in no way makes Obama complicit in these statements. In fact, though it is of course heresy to even suggest it, the gentleman’s comments have in some cases been overly effusive (and offensive) statements of very plausible truths.

Events in Tibet are very scary. The outside world has no way of knowing who the Chinese government is rounding up, or how they are doing it, unless we take the CCP’s own reports at face value. Now, I am not saying straight out that we cannot do it, but accountability is a supposed strength in the democratic system. Forgive me if I’m not happy to take a politician’s word for it. Regardless of which government that politician represents.

George W. Bush’s speech commemorating the ‘victory’ in Iraq isn’t even worth a stir at this stage, in my opinion. You’re on your way out George. Please just go and play golf and leave everyone alone.

And finally, something very important is happening this Sunday. I am a sucker for tradition, and this weekend I’ll be allowing that most primal of emotions to just wash over me. Hate. Liverpool play Man U. I can’t wait.

I suppose I’ll celebrate Easter, too.


3 responses to “A bunch of stuff over the week.

  1. You should be proud of me, I correctly guessed the Chinese text for “comment here about the post dealing with life of little bitty rain drop ocean news” which is the subtitle for your blog I’m assuming.

    I forgot what i was going to say

  2. i like that you talk about current events in yr blog. you know, rather than, say, cupcakes. i find it helpful.

  3. It’s because you can write about cupcakes and bring out their inner awesomeness!!!! I can’t do that.

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