SXSW 2008, you are over too soon, too soon.

Well, my SXSW 2008 is over. I’m missing today for the wedding of a friend, but what a time I packed into the three days I had.

First of all, don’t hesitate to get a wristband. For one thing, it gets you in the mindset to get your behind out the door. And then, when you’re sitting in the sun at five o’clock after several free beers and several free gigs (that don’t need a wristband) wondering “why did I get this wristband thing again?” you head out to more shows for the rest of the night.

It was really fantastic, and well worth taking a couple of days off work for; downtown Austin turns into a wonderful rock music inspired Disneyland, except almost everyone has paid way too much attention to what they’re wearing.

For people reading this, I suggest you go to poshdeluxe to check out the upcoming stuff from Sarah and the gang. They set up this very cool thing where we could call in comments about the festival on the phone and it turns up on the blog. We had a lot of fun.

Notable highlights included:

  • Seeing a band battle dodgy acoustics but still sound pretty cool in a Presbyterian Church
  • An afternoon at Mohawk’s with free bar and great music that really taught me what SXSW is all about
  • Seeing Yo La Tengo in the Austin Music Hall, a weird genuine gig amongst all the SXSW compilations
  • Being at two Jens Lekman concerts in less than 24 hours through accident more than by design
  • Sneaking in to a day party to basically skip a queue of fifteen people, as we then had to get friends who paid to get in to get us the ‘free’ beer
  • The Hot Topic party. There about eight people outside watching a guy play metal solo guitar with a laptop providing the beat and five inside playing rockband on a HDTV. It was all so… Hot Topic
  • Really enjoying Santogold despite not liking rap music very much

SXSW, I love you. I’m sorry I’m missing the last day. I want to see you again, I need to be near you. I love your short sets. I love your swarms of hipsters: they make me laugh. Please be my girlfriend.

Stubbs outside was the best venue. Say Hi were easily the best band I saw. Absolutely fantastic. Now I’m taking advantage of the one positive of missing the last day: I’m going to bed.


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