So, SXSW is awesome.

I am writing this short blog in the library at UT because I had to haul my tired and hungover butt out of bed to come in for an interview for a position I might not get because I’m not American. So, waiting around for Sarah to be ready to hit another party, I’m writing this out really quick.

My first night of SXSW was fantastic. I thought I’d miss out a bit by having completely lost track of the music world in the last two years (how do you guys do it? How did I do it?) but the opposite is true!! The whole fun is in roaming around and seeing various bands. Last night I saw Ghost Hustler, who looked extremely European despite being from Dallas, Zookeeper, who looked very Texan and played inside a Presbyterian Church, and The Guillotines, who just looked and sounded awesome.

Pictures forthcoming, when I get a chance to sit down. Next Monday. After that we went to this Red Bull party on Cesar Chavez, with free booze.

I’m going to say that one more time.

Free booze.

There was also Halo and Guitar Hero, but to be honest it kind of just brought the tone down. The organisers also seemed bummed they only had about a hundred or so people, but I guess that’s what happens when you arrange a secret party with admission only by temporary tattoo. Which nobody can find but friends of mine have stockpiled like Soviet nukes pre-SALT.

Oh yeah. I went there. In short, SXSW = awesome.


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