Wooooot!!! Music is good.

So I got my wristband for SXSW today. I completely missed the lines by popping down in the morning the day before the music starts rather than do what graduate students should spend spring break doing: sleeping until the afternoon.

I think this calls for a badly taken photograph of my awesome wristband!!

There we go. I also saw Adam Yauch strolling around downtown Austin when I came back out. That was pretty awesome. I saw a bonafide Beastie Boy. Well, he was walking along outside the convention centre.

I need to get all Jedi with the camera I think. Or at least remember to bring it out.

Bring on the music!!


One response to “Wooooot!!! Music is good.

  1. HOLLA!

    gah i have to go stand in that line tonight. cos i’m a working girl. LAME.

    also i hope you use that utterz thing to post on my blog. i want you as a correspondent!

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