Rolex is not in the dictionary.

So, last night I played Scrabble. For the first time since I was about seven years old. Rather than admit this of course, I pointed out that I speak proper English and therefore was destined to win, and inwardly started planning how to accept victory graciously.

Yeah, well. Scrabble is hard. For me, anyway. Though I could be stupid. A few things:

  1. You can get points from more than one word at once. I didn’t know this. So, spelling out ‘sordid’ on one line and rendering ‘malfunction’ plural on the other is really, really good.
  2. All the words I think of in Scrabble are good words, but worth about ten points.
  3. Scrabble makes you really, really sleepy.

All of this was new to me. For example, I got the words ‘tacit’, ‘tannoy’, and ‘yob’, all of which I considered pretty cool words. The game didn’t agree with me. I got virtually no points at all!! Except for ‘yob’, I suppose. Having sat down and considered this carefully, there’s only one logical conclusion.

The game is flawed. I mean, come on, ‘tacit’ is an excellent word. It sounds nice, and it has an inherently nuanced meaning. You hear me? Nuanced. How could I not dominate my peers at Scrabble? Or at least be competitive.

Something has to give. I can deal with being rubbish at activities that involve running around or having some kind of hand to eye coordination, but this is nerdy stuff. This is my domain, people. If I’m not good at things like this….. I’m getting a bit worried.

scrabble from al.garcia on Vimeo.


2 responses to “Rolex is not in the dictionary.

  1. i used to play something called “speed scrabble,” which is awesome cos it moves a lot faster than regular scrabble (hence the name). but now i can’t really remember the rules. meh.

  2. I couldn’t remember the rules of regular scrabble!!

    I got ‘owned’, as I believe the awful slang goes. It was kind of emasculating.

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