No, I don’t want any ringtones.

Spam has discovered Facebook.

What am I going to do? I migrated from myspace for a reason, damn it. First, I saw a message on my friend’s wall from someone that was clearly a myspace-esque computer-generated mess. Because it said ‘what up’ and people don’t do that very often anymore, unless they’re being ironic and hilarious. People also don’t contact each other a lot regarding secret methods for getting new ringtones.

To be honest, it didn’t bother me. Until my own profile was stained with this mess.

This sucks. I can deal with the shameless lack of client privacy Facebook engages in, I can deal with the ‘feeds’ so creepy it makes me feel like I’m spying on my own friends, and I can even deal with having to turn down about ten invitations to join some crappy application a day.

But spam? On my wall? What is going to be done about this? Probably nothing. I’ll just stop using Facebook.

And then I’ll have to do work. Oh God.

Meanwhile, I saw Diary of the Dead the other night.

Awesome. That simple.

Romero has made a pretty cool film that almost never betrays the fact that he is really old (but still very cool), apart from a rather wonderful faith in the ‘kids’ and ‘blogs’. It was actually very funny. I often watch zombie movies and have the crap scared out of me and miss the ‘humorous’ bits that critics love to get arch about, but I was laughing out loud a few times in this movie.

I love the commitment to solid B-movie staples (drunken English professor, Texas blonde that knows how to repair motor vehicles), but it got a bit old a little part of the way through. The plot is reliant on one of the protagonists essentially refusing to put his camera down at any point. Twenty minutes in, I really wanted this guy to be eaten by zombies. I settled for encouraging his girlfriend to leave him instead. Yes, I know I have no control over the plot.

That was the one weak point, though, really. I was pretty happy, I didn’t know what to expect. And if we’re honest, after a good long look in the mirror, Land of the Dead was a bit crap really.


One response to “No, I don’t want any ringtones.

  1. ehh spam can SUCK IT. so can ring tones. i hate ring tones.

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