A very short post today

I’ve been crazy busy with work stuff and now I need to SLEEP for a while. But two things:

First, Gary Gygax died this week. I never played D&D but I have enjoyed plenty of pop culture entertainments that would not exist without it. Rest in peace.

Secondly, vimeo is awesome. Observe:

Driving from Martin Wilson on Vimeo.

That’s it, I’m out!


2 responses to “A very short post today

  1. dude. i can’t believe you started a new blog and didn’t tell me, yr total blogger pants friend.

    also, i like that this is in chinese, and yet, i know what it means. cos i am v. familiar with blogger.com. but still. it’s like I KNOW CHINESE.

  2. I thought I did tell you? ……

    It’s all inspiration from yourself, madame!!

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