The Aftermath

So, only a few hours before polls closed in Texas I got kind of violently ill. What fun.

In the end it probably enhanced my election experience, as I was too sick to get any work done and so sat there drinking lots of fluids and letting Wolf Blitzer wash all over me. Yes, that’s what I meant to write.

It was all CNN, all the time, and I called Clinton for Texas about two hours before CNN did. I was quite proud of myself as I have no experience in electoral politics and had access to less of the data than the specialists did. Take that, experts!!

I could talk about the potential disaster last night was for the Democrats and the new grounds for optimism for the Republicans, the Clinton campaign’s worrying willingness to keep this as nasty and mean as possible, the fact that McCain’s visit to Bush today means very very little, but….

I want to talk about the CNN coverage. I know this is not exactly new to most people who watch CNN, but I got sick of the being reminded that they had the “best political team on television” every five minutes. All the members of that team were ridiculously partisan, whether they admitted it or not, making the Republican-supporting panellists the most entertaining to watch for most of the evening. This was a new development for me, personally.

Meanwhile Wolf Blitzer spent the entire evening turning to John King every chance he got, who had apparently sent off to Apple for an enormous iPod Touch with a Google Maps application. Wolf seemed to be drooling a bit too close to the screen. He must have been to the Bestbuy website overnight, because today they’ve named their gadget: the multi-touch screen!!

I’m actually refreshed by their utter failure to come up with a flashier title. It’s like they discovered taste by accident.

Now I’m watching the aftermath coverage and feeding myself with the justification that I’m ill, but really, I just can’t kick the election TV habit. Unfortunately, coverage from the day after is kind of crap. Although the more I see of Bush the lame duck president, the more I like him. “I’ll be in Crawford with my feet up!” he claimed loudly in his supposedly folksy manner. It took me a minute to figure out he was talking about life after the next president comes in.

Here are some things that I just want to list as interesting rather than make this WAY too long:

  • What’s the difference between urban (Obama) and working class (Clinton)?
  • Why is Clinton’s campaign team not only mean, but apparently proud of it? Should you really be telling CNN journalists on the record you want to “hit” anyone “hard”?
  • When will Democrats figure out that Republican voters will vote for McCain even if they don’t like him very much rather than vote for Clinton, for Obama, or abstain?
  • Someone tell the idiots that booed the mention of Clinton’s name on live national television as Obama gave his speech in San Antonio that they create a bad impression of the campaign in general, in addition to making themselves look stupid.
  • If Hilary Clinton was a man, with exactly the same policies, would she be getting as many votes? We live in a world where I think it’s clear she’d have a different number, but would it be less or more?


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