We should just elect Bret Favre and be done with it.

Ok, so a couple of things are happening later today. First off, there’s Champions’ League stuff going on. I’m looking forward to the Milan v Arsenal game quite a lot, despite the first leg, and am ignoring years of experience to dare to dream for a Lyon upset of Manchester United. This is occupying the heart of my day.

In other sports news, Brett Favre has retired. I honestly thought he’d never leave. Why would he? He can do no wrong, really, in Green Bay at least. Perhaps he realised that last season was pretty good, and it was tempting fate one time too many to come back. Favre always throws for tons and tons of yards and does crazy things, it’s just the crazy things often involve throwing interceptions. Sometimes it really is better to quit while you’re ahead. I’ll be interested to see how Green Bay do without him though; all the talk last year was of the potential in a young team, but succeeding Favre is one job I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

And now, for stuff that supposedly affects the way we live outside Sundays in winter: it’s voting time in Austin, Texas. And the rest of Texas, for that matter. It’s a weird feeling to start the day, everyone’s talking about voting, or going to vote, and reminding each other to caucus. Personally I think being able to vote twice is a wonderful thing. It’s like Texas is twice as democratic as most places. Take that, France.

I have a lot of work to do, as always, but I think I’ll sit back and take in some good old fashioned election analysis. It’s not as good in the US as it is at home, but it’s a far sight better than ANYTHING else that’s on the news channels. There is something terribly entertaining about well-educated people essentially stalling for time by making guesses and vague statements until the results come in.

That will be my Tuesday evening. I’m looking forward to wallowing in democracy. I’ll miss this, you know, when Bush is gone and all is right with the world.

What I won’t miss is Democrats proving they’re just as dirty and underhanded as the supposedly evil Republicans. Here’s a gem from local TV accentuating the positive aspects of the candidate’s campaign rather than just sledge incumbent State Representative Dawnna Dukes:


Thankfully, Ms. Dukes has risen above petty squabbling and focused on her own good work rather than simply retaliate:

Um…. well…. I like the evil dog in Homer Simpson movie effect on Thompson. He’s never voted in a Texas Primary EVER!!!!

Ugh. Maybe it will be nice to get back to taking absolutely no responsibility for anything as a society.


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