Oh what a fool I’ve been.

So I broke down today, and got myself a PS3.

Yup. I am that bad with gadgets. Although I did shed myself of one: the truly useless and disappointing PSP that had been occupying space in my bedroom is gone forever, along with every game I had for it. They wouldn’t take my Japanese version of one of the cartoony Megaman games so I just gave it to the guy in the store.

I also traded in a few games for the 360 that I just don’t play anymore, and never played longer than a few days anyway. I’ve always justified buying games outright all the time as a kind of collector’s right vibe, but really, I don’t ‘collect’ enough stuff to justify some of these games as anything more than rental material. Test Drive Unlimited, I’m looking at YOU.

Was it worth it? It’s an interesting mix of techno-joy elation and serious buyer’s remorse. But, I already see myself using it for media stuff that I never use the 360 for. And despite the fact it’s a little ridiculous with the size of the hard drive partition, I’m going to install Linux. So I can use it for work when I’m not playing Resistance: Fall of Man, Unreal Tournament, and….. um, yeah.

Speaking of which I tried to write this blog entry on the PS3 but I think the standard web browser has had some kind of awkward social experience with blogger.com and so keeps blanking out on me. But soon!! Soon….


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