The Calm Before the Storm

The atmosphere in Austin has been pretty political in nature for a few weeks now, although a lot of it has been under the surface. It’s difficult to tell when a city that has a fairly political bent anyway gets animated for an election, outside some signs outside the HEB and calls from strangers asking for your ‘support’.

My life centres on the UT campus anyway, so I’m never far from a political conversation. Of course, if you want, you can avoid them too. I have a lot of things to do this weekend that involve being a social being: drinking and cavorting being among them. So no, no conversations on Obama’s plans for public health this weekend please.

The result is like an eerie personal calm, as I put up a little bubble around myself for a few days before crunch time on Tuesday. It’s probably good for me anyway. I may not have a vote but I’m certainly interested and I feel a little short-changed by my environment.

Everything I hear and most that I see is Obama, Obama, Obama. But the polls (and common sense) show that an awful lot of people in this town are going to vote for Hilary Clinton, if they haven’t voted for her already. I have seen one Clinton badge but that’s it. Otherwise it’s all about our man Barack. I like him, but then I fall into the social demographic that does, apparently.

How can we be so cut off from a whole section of society? Is it really just age? There’s a palpable feeling in Austin that Obama can win on Tuesday, but what if he doesn’t? I’m looking forward to it. I’m just sick of sore losers.


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